i.t home support

With I.T home support we resolve any technical issue within the comforts of your own living room. If you are having trouble with your computer, tablet, smartphone or smart T.V we at tech friend will advise or even fix the problem there and then,

programme / app installation

It is very frustrating when you have a device such as a computer or a tablet and it starts to run very slow, in most cases this will be down to a software or driver updates. Not many of us know how to do this, but with our knowledge & know how we can help advise or fix the problem.

home set up & show us

Home set up is a service that we offer to make your life easier. If you are having trouble with your wifi connection or need us to set up your desktop or smart T.V we at tech friend will be more than happy to help. We will even show you how to use your device efficiently.

Businesswoman using laptop and phone

About us

We come from a very reputable technician background and have worked within one of the biggest tech business in the world.

From this experience, we wanted to do more in terms of putting the customer first and arranging home visits to help those who were unable to commute. This has given us the chance to help hundreds of customer to be more efficient with their devices and be more aware of their options online.

why we do this?

At Tech Friend we save you time, money and the headache of technology. We understand that not everyone has been surrounded by gadgets and sometimes it can be hard to grasp but this is why we take pride in what we do and help those in their time of need.


We are here to help

You can email us on info@techfriend.com or press this button >>